Food Program

Interlake Child Care & Learning Center participates in the USDA/CACFP food program. We meet the nutritional guidelines set forth by the UDSA/CACFP program. For more information about the USDA/CACFP nutritional guidelines, please visit these pages: Infants, and Children Over 1.

We serve organic milk to all children over age 1 and offer two meals and two snacks daily. Meals are included in tuition. We have been a vegetarian center since our founding in 1982. We are also a nut free center. Meals are prepared on site, often from scratch, daily by Brooke, our wonderful cook and Food Program Coordinator.

Children participate in family style meals. During family style dining, children practice serving their own food, passing the food around the table, and encouraging their friends to try new foods by describing what they are eating and what they like about it. One method our classrooms like to practice during meals is mindful eating. During this time, toddler and preschool age children are asked to focus solely on their food while eating; afterward, the teachers lead a group discussion with the children commenting on the tastes, textures, and other qualities of the different foods.

Family style dining is currently suspended in order to maintain higher health and safety standards during COVID-19.