Interlake Child Care and Learning Center

Big Changes Start with Small People

Welcome to Interlake Child Care and Learning Center!

Interlake provides full and part-time care for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers. Founded in 1982, Interlake is a member of Early Achievers and a 501(c)3 non-profit center. We are governed by a democratic and consensus-led Board of Directors composed of current and graduated family members. Every dime we raise and receive is applied toward our mission of helping children to be responsible, creative, and compassionate human beings.

Providing Quality and Attentive Child Care Since 1982 in Seattle, WA

Interlake provides a warm and caring environment that celebrates diversity and promotes social-emotional development through play-based curriculum, all while ensuring our children’s physical and psychological safety. Peruse our website to learn more about each classroom, tuition rates, and hours of operation.

What our Center Offers

Interlake has four classrooms altogether:

  • the Infant Room (for ages 2 months to about 12/18 months)
  • the Toddler Room (ages 12/18 months to 30 months)
  • the Lantern Room (younger preschool, ages 2 ½ to 3 ½ or 4 years)
  • and the Star Room (older preschool, ages 3 ½ to 5 years / pre-K)
  • Interlake Child Care is accredited by Early Achievers
  • Learn more about our philosophy

A Glimpse of Interlake Child Care

Meet Our Team

For more information about Interlake Child Care Center, please mail us as

Parents love us! Check out what they are saying...

We have been blessed to have been part of the Interlake family for over six years. It truly is a community; I love knowing that my children are being cared for, respected, loved and stimulated while I’m at work and can’t be with them. The friendships the kids made are amazing as well – my elementary school aged son still counts his Interlake friends among his best friends!

Jenny and Jeremy

From the teachers, to the kids, to the parents, to the yearly camping trip – we love everything about Interlake. How do we know Luca loves it, too? Because he talks about his friends and teachers all the time. He requests to see them when we leave. He shows compassion, he’s empathetic, he puts away his dishes, and he loves to sing his ABCs. And sure, maybe we taught him some of that… but we know that Interlake had a hand in shaping our little baby into the big kid he is today.

Barrie and Dominic

All of the fantastic teachers gave Keenan such a great start in life! We knew he loved Interlake, but one sure sign was when I would come to pick him up, he would spot me, get a big grin, then turn around and run to some activity to show off and also get just a little more play in! I also remember the messy clothes he’d come home in, another sign of the fun he was having every day.

Tamara and Michael