About Us:

Welcome to Interlake Child Care and Learning Center! Interlake provides full and part-time care for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers. Founded in 1982, Interlake is a member of Early Achievers and a 501(c)3 non-profit center. We are governed by a democratic and consensus-led Board of Directors composed of current and graduated family members. Every dime we raise and receive is applied toward our mission of helping children to be responsible, creative, and compassionate human beings.

Interlake provides a warm and caring environment that celebrates diversity and promotes social-emotional development through play-based curriculum, all while ensuring our children’s physical and psychological safety. Our website provides background information about our program, as well as details on each classroom, tuition rates, and hours of operation.

Interlake is committed to anti-bias and anti-racist curriculum. We are aware of the educational disparities that affect our nation, and how the lack of access in communities of color are symptoms born of historical and systemic racism. Our work is to listen to the lived experiences of those harmed by these systems, and to aid in their deregulation by raising a generation educated in identifying and disestablishing racist behavior. In these troubling times, those suffering under oppression need our resonant support.

We stand with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom, and with those Russians risking their own freedom to oppose the war. We sympathize with the sorrows of being displaced, and the terror being thrust upon the Ukrainian people– as it has been upon the Syrian, Yemeni, Rohingya, and far too many others in recent years.

In the midst of all that is happening in our nation and around the world, Interlake’s mission is more important than ever. All people– of any race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability– are deserving of justice, peace, freedom, and education. We are dedicated to making Interlake a safe place for all, and supporting our families, staff, and community.

For more information and ways to participate, visit https://blacklivesseattle.org/ or https://www.unicefusa.org/ 

Black Lives Matter.


The Interlake Board

Land Acknowledgement

Interlake acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle– the Duwamish People, past and present– and honor with gratitude the land itself, the Duwamish Tribe, and the Salish Coast peoples. Though the city named for the Duwamish leader continues to thrive, the Tribe has yet to be justly compensated for their land, resources, and livelihood. Interlake will join others in taking the initial steps to stand in solidarity with the First Peoples of this land by paying Real Rent. All funds go directly to Duwamish Tribal Services to support the revival of Duwamish culture and the vitality of the Duwamish Tribe. Consider joining us, and making a donation.