Pre Kindergarten

Our pre-k classroom cares for children ages 4-5 years old.

Our pre-k classroom focuses on play-based curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten.

Examples of curriculum include:

  • Counting and identifying numbers 1 – 10
  • Sorting objects by various attributes
  • Understanding sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Learning shapes
  • Conceptualizing time (day and night)
  • Familiarity with the alphabet between letter names and the sounds they make
  • Recognizing their name and learning to spell and write their name
  • Learning to hold a pencil, crayon or marker correctly
  • Retell a story in their own words
  • Draw a picture and explain the story or experience
  • Answer questions about a story they were told
  • Identify the weather, seasons and changes throughout the year
  • Exploration using all five senses
  • Explore various means of art like drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving, collage, etc.
  • Start critical thinking and problem-solving in a social setting
  • Practice manners and say  ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘excuse me’ and basic table manners
  • Learn to verbally express their needs
  • Be able to express their personal information like full name, age, school, and where they live by city state and country