Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 6:00PM. Closed on weekends, national holidays, and the last week of each year (generally 12/24-12/31).

Deposit/Registration Fee

  • $600 deposit ($100 to LegUp, non-refundable; $500, refundable after child’s last day with a 45-day notice)
  • $115.00 wait list fee, non-refundable and non-transferable.

October 2021 – August 2022 Monthly Rates (rates effective 10/01/21):

(2-12 months)
(12-18 months)
(over 18 months)
(young preschool)
(older preschool)
Hourly Drop-in$30$25$25$20$20
Daily Drop-in$180$165$150$135$135
2 days/week$1402$1302$1234$1050$1024
3 days/week$2100$1948$1838$1575$1523
5 days/week$2646$2536$2336$2021$1943
2 days/week is Tues/Thur | 3 days/week is Mon/Wed/Fri | we use these alternating schedules to maintain enrollment numbers

Enrollment Policy

Drop in services and rates are for currently enrolled families only.

Sibling Policy

For families currently enrolled at Interlake with multiple children, there is a sibling discount of $100 per month, applied to the younger child.

Refund Policy

Families who withdraw within 45 days or less of their start date will not have their deposit refunded. We will work with each family and do our best to accommodate changes.

Refunds are NOT provided for absences, vacations or any day(s) that the center is scheduled to be closed, including legal holidays.  We must pay our regular staff whether or not your child attends the center on any given day.  Refunds are not given for emergency closures.

Leaving the Program

Please provide at least 45 days notification (in writing) to the Interlake administration prior to withdrawing your child.  Your cooperation will help minimize any financial loss either for you or the center.  Your $500 deposit will be applied to the last month’s tuition when written notice has been given at least 45 days in advance.  We do not prorate mid-month departures, so if the 45 day written notice falls mid-month, you will still be responsible for the full month’s tuition. If you fail to provide at least 45 days written notice, Interlake reserves the right to keep all or part of your deposit to minimize our financial loss.


The City of Seattle helps low and moderate income working families pay for child care for children ages one month to 13 years.  Interlake is among the 165 licensed child care centers and homes which contract with the City to provide high-quality and affordable child care.  For more information about this child care assistance program, click here. Interlake also participates in Early Achievers, so we are able to accept DCYF subsidy as well.