Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is your tour policy?

A. We will be hosting Open Houses twice a year and you will be able to sign up for those through our enrollment tab. Currently our Open Houses are virtual. We hope to be able to offer an in person event in the upcoming school year. In the meantime, you can sign up for tours by following this link. Tours remain virtual for the foreseeable future. You are able to join our wait list without touring our center or attending an open house. We offer individual tours to families once they have been offered a space in our program.

Q:  Do you have any spaces available?

A: No. As spaces become available, we will reach out to families currently on our waitlist first. As new seats are available, they are listed on our LegUp directory page. You can visit our LegUp directory page for more details.  (09/16/2021)

Q:  Do you offer part time care?

A:  We offer childcare from a minimum of two days per week up to five days a week.  Families can drop off or pick up their children at any time during our hours of operation (7:30 am – 6:00 pm); but we do not offer a partial day rate.

Q:  Do you offer drop-in care?

A:  We offer hourly and daily drop-in for currently enrolled families only.  Rates for daily and hourly drop-in fees are listed on our rate sheet.  Some families are part time (meaning they attend 2-3 days a week) and they may request a day or part of a day that they do not normally attend for “drop-in” care.  Currently enrolled families may contact the office to request drop-in and inquire about availability.

Q:  May I come and visit?

A:  Yes! You will be able to sign up for a tour by following this link. All tours are being held through Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Q:  How do I get on your wait list?

A: As of February 2020, you are able to join our website by following this link and submitting your wait list fee, $115/child. Wait list fees are not-refundable and non-transferable to other children. If you are using DSHS to pay for child care, your wait list fee will be waived, but you will need to email our Enrollment Manager to assist you in joining our waitlist so we can waive your fee. You can find more information under the Enrollment and Wait List tab.

Q:  What is the charge for being on your wait list?

A:  We have a wait list fee of $115. Wait list fees are non-refundable and non-transferable to other children. This fee will be credited towards the registration fee if you are enrolled at Interlake.

Q:  How long is your wait list?

A:  The lengths of our wait lists vary according to the room.  We usually have predictable spaces available on a regular basis, when currently enrolled children graduate or move up into the next program.  Most spaces become available between June and September of each year.

We recommend that you join our wait list as far in advance as you require care as is possible (18 months before you need care to start is ideal).  It is a good idea to plan for infant care as soon as you know you are having a child.

Q:  How will I know if a space becomes available?

A:  We will contact you as soon as a space that suits your needs becomes available; usually about a month in advance of the date you would like care to begin.

Q:  Do you offer subsidized tuition options?

A: The City of Seattle helps low and moderate income working families pay for child care for children ages one month to 13 years. Interlake is among the 135 licensed child care centers and homes which contract with the City to provide high-quality and affordable child care. We are also able to accept families using DSHS.

Q:  What are your health policies?

We follow Public Health Guidelines.  Click to view our complete Health Policy. Information on the illness exclusion guidelines are found on page 9. Our lice policy differs from Public Health and Seattle Public Schools. We send children home immediately if we find nits or lice, they can return to care once they have been treated and our staff find no nits or lice. We have more stringent health guidelines during COVID-19 pandemic and are frequently updating our policy as more information is shared from King County Public Health and the CDC.

Q:  What is your current weather related closure policy?

Updated Snow/Adverse Weather Policy as of December 8, 2010

The board of directors of Interlake has determined that Interlake will return to our previous policy of following the Seattle Public Schools’ (SPS) Ice & Snow Emergency Schedule. If SPS close, start late, or close early so will Interlake. To stay informed of SPS snow closures, check www.seattleschools.org or www.schoolreport.org.

If Seattle Public Schools are on break, the Executive Director will make the decision regarding closures or late openings related to adverse weather conditions. Should Interlake be closed, open late, or close early, the information will be sent to all families and staff via email to reflect that day’s schedule. Interlake staff may call you to apprise you of weather-related closures.  For this reason, please ensure that Interlake has current contact information for you and promptly notify the school if your contact information changes.


During the school day, if the building is being flooded (ground water, sewage, debris, etc.) we will close the center. Parents will be called to pick up their children for the day. If the affected areas can be safely cleaned and sanitized in time, the center will open the following day. If a flood occurs overnight, parents will be notified as soon as possible of the closure for the following day. Information regarding the closure due to flooding, will be posted on the doors, website, and sent via email. The outgoing phone message will be changed to reflect the affected day’s schedule by 6:00 am.


During the school day, if a power outage lasts more than 30 minutes, we will close the center. Parents will be called to pick up their children for the day. If the power outage happens overnight and the center is still experiencing an outage at 6:00 am, we will post the closure on the outside doors of the building and note the closure on the outgoing voicemail and the website.

If possible, we will send out an email as well as post an announcement to the website.