Volunteer Opportunities

Contact our board (interlakechildcareboard@googlegroups.com) or our administrative team (admin@interlakechildcare.org) for information on joining our committees!


Communications and Community Engagement Committee:


The goal of this committee is to plan family engagement activities in conjunction with the admin team. This committee is also responsible for creating community engagement within the wider community by promoting community events and sharing all the wonderful things that are happening here! From time to time, this may also mean assisting admin in creating community engagement events. You would also be responsible for family engagement among the Interlake community. In addition to these events, you would assist with printing media and signs to promote Interlake, and coordinate with admin and help set up “Get to Know You” events and family education nights. 

Facilities Committee:


The goal of this committee is to maintain Interlake’s facility. A large part of facility upkeep is through quarterly Work Parties. The Facilities Committee will coordinate with the Office Manager to assess tasks that need  to be completed at the work party, acquire supplies, and help lead quarterly work parties. The Facilities Committee will also oversee desired projects and provide input on how best to complete said projects, whether they are maintenance items or improvements to the learning areas.  Occasionally, members of this committee may also be called upon for providing consults on maintenance issues, maintain a list of volunteers and their DIY skills/professional skills to help with larger projects, work with admin on facility updates and assist with contacting professionals to obtain estimates and time lines for larger projects. 

Fundraising and Staff Appreciation Committee:


The goal of this committee is to help families and the larger Wallingford/Fremont community support Interlake with engaging fundraising opportunities as well as planning our annual auction. A large part of fundraising is showing appreciation to those who make Interlake unique! As such, the second goal of this task force is to extend appreciation to the teachers and staff of Interlake along with those in the community who support us. This includes sending out quarterly reminders for families to support Interlake through Amazon Smile, manage Amazon wish lists/gift registry for Interlake’s needs and wants, planning the annual Harvest Festival, coordinating teacher appreciation events throughout the year as well as in May (Teacher Appreciation Day/Week), tuition assistance fundraising, and reporting the success of ICC’s fundraising events. 

Finances and Business Planning Committee:


The goal of this task force is to help make Interlake successful by driving our long term business plan (building renovation, grant seeking etc). You will do this by investigating long-term options and advising our Board to ensure long-term financial health. Potential focus areas for this committee include: advise Executive Director and Board Treasurer on annual budget plan, prepare and provide ongoing updates to Interlake’s business plan, investigate and document options for major business plans. 

Board of Directors


The goal of our Board of Directors is to steer the overall mission, vision, and values of Interlake. The Board of Directors help to motivate and guide the committees and support the Executive Director to realize the vision of Interlake. If you wish to join the board you are committing to attend 10-out-of-11 meetings a year as well as committing to being on the board for a minimum of two years.