Running up and down “Monster Hill” is still a tradition every spring here at Interlake.


Welcome to our alumni page!  We always love and enjoy hearing from our alumni families, so if we haven’t heard from you in a little while, please take a moment to complete the alumni update form.  The responses and memories we have received thus far have been wonderful!  Here are a few memories that we have received:

Jenny and Jeremy (children attended through 2018)

We have been blessed to have been part of the Interlake family for over six years. It truly is a community; I love knowing that my children are being cared for, respected, loved and stimulated while I’m at work and can’t be with them. The friendships the kids made are amazing as well – my elementary school aged son still counts his Interlake friends among his best friends!

Barrie and Dominic (child attended through 2018)

From the teachers, to the kids, to the parents, to the yearly camping trip – we love everything about Interlake. How do we know Luca loves it, too? Because he talks about his friends and teachers all the time. He requests to see them when we leave. He shows compassion, he’s empathetic, he puts away his dishes, and he loves to sing his ABCs. And sure, maybe we taught him some of that… but we know that Interlake had a hand in shaping our little baby into the big kid he is today.

Natasha and Ted (child attended 2014-2016)

As a Kindergarten teacher, I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in a school for my own little boy. I feel so lucky to have found Interlake Childcare and Learning Center.

I was looking for a child-centered, play-based environment where my son could blossom and learn the foundation skills that I consider so important during the early childhood years. At Interlake, I found fantastic, dedicated teachers who provide a purposeful, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate multi-age classroom where my child has enjoyed being nurtured by the older children and is now practicing his leadership skills in his pre-K year.

Interlake teachers provide a balance of small group instruction and self-directed play. They enrich the children’s learning by setting up numerous stations and providing interesting materials to capture the excitement of the preschoolers. Teaches bring their own excitement about topics to the classroom, while also following the lead of the children in their emergent curriculum.

I love how the children are encouraged to explore academic skills in developmentally appropriate, playful, individualized, and child-driven ways. More important than any academic skills, however, are the social skills. I am beyond thrilled with what my son has learned so far at Interlake. I see amazing empathy, compassion, self control, problem-solving skills, curiosity, and risk assessment skills in my child. I am so happy to have chosen Interlake.

Nicole and Frank (children attended 1995-2003)

We fondly remember our kids having fun and getting dirty!  They loved bubbles in summer, mud puddles in winter, story time after lunch and watching (greeting) passing trucks (especially fire trucks!).  We loved the caring teachers, the whole foods program, and Interlake Norms (Walking feet! Indoor voices! No put-downs!).  We especially love the loving, supportive Interlake community.

Tamara and Michael (child attended 1993-1998)

All of the fantastic teachers gave Keenan such a great start in life!  We knew he loved Interlake, but one sure sign was when I would come to pick him up, he would spot me, get a big grin, then turn around and run to some activity to show off and also get just a little more play in!  I also remember the messy clothes he’d come home in, another sign of the fun he was having every day.


Tom and Alison (children attended 1987-1991)

I remember the smell of baking bread.  I remember pretzels and chanting “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” about the colored cups at meal time.  I remember hiding in the cubby in the hallway at the end of the day when I didn’t want to go home.  I remember making and burying fossils out in the preschool yard.   I remember taking leaves off the kale plant and being surprised every time by its weird taste.

I remember movies on a projector at parent’s night out and being thrilled, but kind of disconcerted by wearing my pajamas at school.  I remember Mikey Baby  [former director] reading The Hobbit to us at naptime.  I remember a field trip to The Indoor Sun Shop when it was over on 45th in the U District.  Did we take the bus?  I remember the magic of our graduation picnic dinner at the Good Shepherd Center… again, I remember the smell of baking bread, but I especially remember playing with [Mikey’s] daughter’s Barbie dreamhouse.

From Interlake:

For some of you, it’s probably been a while since you stepped through the Hobbit Door, ate Stone Soup, or went on a visit to the Pumpkin Patch. But we know you remember those experiences and what they meant to your family.

Thank you for all you did when your child (or children!) attended Interlake, and all the ways you have “stayed in touch” by joining us for picnics, potlucks and the auction, sending in kid updates and photos, and giving your generous financial support. Your support of Interlake has allowed us to keep doing what we do best: nurturing the values and skills that create competent, confident and compassionate world citizens.

Our center is growing and changing, and we’d love to keep up connections with the wonderful families who have helped make Interlake the special and vibrant place that it is for children, teachers, and families alike. Interlake wants to hear from you, as valuable members of our community.  Feel free to give us a call or drop by to visit. The Hobbit Door is always open….

We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to send us an email at admin@interlakechildcare.org.