Meet Our Staff

Administrative Staff:

Liz Swanson, Interim Executive Director
Amruta Mane, Assistant Executive Director

Early education lays the foundation for an individual’s life and I am devoted to providing high-quality learning experiences for all our children. I hold a Master’s in Education from University of Washington as well as a Master’s degree in Economics from Pune University, India. With almost 10 years of professional experience as a teacher, I have taught in diverse educational systems and hope to best practices from each to Interlake. I believe in supporting our teachers as they guide each child’s educational journey through excellence in care and in an anti-bias environment.
Thank you for helping us become one of the best childcare providers in the area and I look forward to welcoming you to the Interlake family!

Ellen Adams, Office Manager & Enrollment Coordinator

I attended Ohio University and received a B.A. in Linguistics and Classical Greek, with a certificate to teach English (TESOL). I taught adults English in college and have worked at summer and year round camps for over 7 years, where I learned that emergent curriculum is a wonderful way to learn and teach. Interlake has become my home over the past few years. The support of the staff, families, and children when I am having any big feelings has been out of this world since my first days here. Some of my favorite things to do when I am not at work are snuggling with my cat, Clementine and watching the boats go through the Ballard Locks.

Our Mentor Teachers:


KJ Sims, Preschool Mentor Teacher

I received my degree in elementary education from the University of Montana in 2011 and taught preschool for four years in Missoula. I moved to Seattle from Montana and started working at ICC in August 2015. I agree with Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Vivian Paley, Mr. Rogers, and anyone else who is credited with saying, “play is the work of childhood.” I have been very impressed with the workers I’ve met at ICC thus far!


Ashley Marshall, Infant/Toddler Mentor Teacher

Hello Interlake Families! I am currently enrolled in ECE classes online, working to get an early childhood education degree.I have worked with children in at home care settings, nannying, and babysitting since 2008. Having just recently moved to Seattle in May of ’18, I am so enjoying getting to explore new areas and meet so many interesting, wonderful people. Interlake has been so welcoming and caring since I started and the children really bring the best kind of energy into my days. It has been such an honor to be able to help them learn and grow about themselves and the environment around them; something I look forward to continuing every day.

Our Food Program Coordinator:

brookie (2)

Brooke Foss, Food Program Coordinator

I have several college classes in Early Childhood Education and Nutrition science from North Seattle College and completed an AAS in Accounting in 2013 from Kaplan University; I spent 6 years working in all classrooms as teaching staff while attending night classes. My interest in cooking and baking began with a child’s cookbook and peanut butter cookies. My mother remembers losing her shelled peanuts because I decided to unshell them all and put them in the blender to make peanut butter (without asking!).As a young adult, I developed a vegetarian cooking hobby after being introduced to the cuisine at Interlake. I take great delight in whole foods cooking and learning from others. When I’m not cooking, I love gardening and service work.