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The following is an introduction to Interlake’s history and philosophy.  For more in depth information, download our Family Handbook.


Interlake Child Care and Learning Center is a NAEYC accredited, non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, founded in 1982. Our staff is dedicated to establishing a supportive, child-centered environment that enriches each child’s love of learning.  They bring a rich history and a variety of learning techniques to share with the children.


Interlake Child Care and Leaning Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC promotes excellence for early childhood education programs, and families of young children who attend NAEYC-accredited programs can be confident that they deliver the highest quality early care and education. You can find more information about accreditation standards for NAEYC programs here.


Interlake’s philosophy of early childhood education embraces the notion that children develop best by exploring the world around them at their own pace. Our curriculum emphasizes individual creativity and positive social interactions, with the goal of broadening children’s worldview and increasing their sense of accomplishment. Children guide the direction of their own learning while teachers carefully observe, guide when needed and support each child’s development.

Social Learning

Interlake’s programs support the healthy development of the expressive, cooperative and problem solving skills children need to successfully function as social beings. Children are encouraged to constructively identify (to themselves, classmates and caregivers) their own feelings and needs, while also respecting the needs and feelings of others. This approach, which includes our anti-bias curriculum, endows children with lasting social skills, respect for others, healthy self-esteem and the formative experience of participation and pride in a community.

Extended Family Model

Interlake emulates the extended family model of care, which emphasizes the importance of relationships and allows children to join together with people of different ages, personalities and teaching styles. It also promotes peaceful conflict resolution and supports a close-knit community of parents, teachers and children.

We encourage parents to become part of the Interlake community through parent education seminars, summer camp-outs, evening socials, Parent Association sponsored-events, and many more fun activities.

Food Program

We provide a delicious vegetarian meal program featuring wholesome, homemade foods that offers plenty of variety. Breakfast, a hot lunch and two afternoon snacks are included in the cost of tuition. We can adjust the menu to accommodate a child’s special dietary requirements.  We are also a nut-free center.